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My memories of Govan!!!!!


Why don't you send me your
good memories and i will include
them on my website ?
Any old pics of Govan in the
good old days by e mail
would help me with this site





Protestant Boys

Govan Glasgow









When I Started Primary School

Those were the good old days. For the first week
of primary all i did was ask the teacher to be
excused to go to the toilet,as soon as i was
allowed off i went right over the locked school
gates and off through Govan back home to my
mum in Greenfield Street,i did'nt like school
at the start.
I was nicknamed Titch at school due to being
so small.
In those days we played with the MacDonalds and the Wilsons in my street.
My best friend at the time was Catherine Lilley and
Andrea McPherson.
In those days the games we played were Klackers and with oor whip n' peeries and made stilts out of bean cans and string.
We played truth dare double dare. I always got landed with double dare and i knew what was in store for me, i was sent to knock on doors to ask if i could have a piece Lol.
We played like any other child would do,but we used to play on the dykes and on the midden shelters.
If you were found in the middens you were named a midgie raker.
In those days i got a half crown for my pocket money.You could buy a lot in those days for that.We used to sit on the coal bags in Peggy Govans shop in the Greenfiled Street and buy in those days a small coke btl was longer than you get today.Ginger as we asked for a btl of it and a bag of sherbet and we would pop it into the ginger,sit there and then get our money back on the btl.
In those days we had a wee guy who used to go around the streets seranading people whilst playing his violin and people would throw money out of the windows to him,i think they threw it to get rid of him but all it did was encouraged him to come back again and again.
When i visited my granny who lived in Dunsmuire Street and she worked in St Gerards school , me and my frineds would play in the Tinny as it was known.We used to pick the wild raspberries in there . You could see into the wine alley from the Tinny that was in Orkney Street just along from the police station.
We used to go to the Lyons Bakery for cheap cakes at lunchtime from school too.
My favourite place to play was in the Elder Park as it was in the next street to my house and was a good park to play in.
The highlight of our day was to wait untill the down and outs and alcaholics came out of the derlict houses and we would gather up all the wine bottles and off to the shops we would go as you got i think it was a penny back on a btl then . I think the shop keepers must have thought our parents were alcaholics.
In those days alcaholics if they had no drink money off they would go to the chemist and buy bellair hairlacker as apparently they heated that up and drunk it.
Bellair hair lacker as known then is no longer sold today due to it was being used by alcaholics to drink.
It was great when we would see the orange walk go past our street and along the Langlands road.Plus the Govan Fair which is still held to this day.
We all used to follow my neighbour John Osbourne along the streets as he was the lamp lighter in our area,we would watch him light and put out the close lights.
We once had a wee man who came to our street a lot and if you answered a question on the bible he would give you a bible.
Then there was the Bible John incident and from that day onwards the kids thought he was bible John hense the bibles.
There we would all be shouting up fpr oor mammies to get us upstairs for our beds if it got dark as we were threatened in those days if you did'nt go up when called . Bible John would get ye. So that sure was a way to get you upstairs.
I had never lived in a council house, we had my uncles house ie private let in Govan untill my family bought a house in Cardonald.
We lives in a single end with an outside toilet,no built in bath or shower in those days.
I will always remember granny Clarke as i called her although she was not my granny,she was like one to me.I would go and sit with her everyday after school and go for her shopping untill she had passed away.I have wonderfull memories of her.Every year for my birthday she would make me a clootie dumpling with tanners inside for luck.
We would run to the rag man when he blew his trumpet or blew his whistle,off we would all run nic kclothes form the house just to be slapped with a balloon, i think he thought we were all balloons as he made money on anything we gave him.
I will add more later on.


Protestant Boys

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Protestant Boys


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